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I'm Ale Grilli, a freelance interactive media designer and developer from Chile. I like it best when making things with a cultural or educational impact. Here is a selection of projects I've worked on, mostly personal, the ones closer to my heart. Contact me any time via ale¶agj.cl (just change that character for an @).

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Flower pattern

digital toy 2012

A drawing toy that forms beautiful patterns upon input, created for touch screens (although it also works with the mouse). Try it on a tablet or smartphone by visiting this web address: http://agj.cl/ip/fp

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interactive installation 2011

Interactive artwork commissioned by Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda, project for which I was in charge of software programming, and which was featured in the 2013 Design Biennial in Santiago. The Adobe AIR application interprets motion captured by a camera and displays reactive visuals and audio on a large projection. Design by Sebastián Skoknic, support by Francisco Fuentes.

A web version was also developed, which is available at their website by clicking on the number '05' and then on 'Juega!'. Requires a webcam.

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Tiles visualizer

web app 2013

Interaction design and software programming for a floor and wall tiles in-context visualizer. Select surfaces on a photo and choose among the tiles in Cordillera's catalog to see them applied. Contract work for Traak.

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video game 2010

A game controlled by a single key (spacebar), which makes a perpetually running character jump. Uses Flash.

Designed around simplicity of controls, but difficulty of execution.

(Playthrough video by Alexey Zubkov.)

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Jugosa cocina para niños

editorial 2009

A cookbook for children, project for which I worked as art director and layout designer.

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interactive piece 2010

Moving the mouse around the image reveals portions of what's underneath, but what is there is constantly changing. Uses Flash.

An evocative piece named after a neuropsychological condition in which the person is unable to remember faces. In this work, Google Image Search is used to obtain random pictures of faces on the fly.

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video game 2008

Prototype for my undergraduate thesis project. An experimental videogame that offers the barest elements for making visual compositions, and attempts to evaluate their compositive parameters.

Click on the animated picture to start. In the center, a canvas that can be filled with the circles to the right, by drag-and-dropping them. Below, a rough (and inaccurate, in this prototype) analysis of some compositive values: color temperature, symmetry, visual rhythm, and visual accent.

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Wooden still

video 2011

A mood piece animated out of sequences of photographs.

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animation 2006

Animated short on mankind's relationship with its natural surroundings, and the destructive potential of technology.

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Chilean mythological beings

illustration 2007

Ten illustrations of different mythical beings of Chilean folklore, created in school for a book called 'Dictionary of mythological beings in Chile'.

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Thank you for having taken an interest in my portfolio. Maybe you want to know more; if so, I'd be happy to hear from you via ale¶agj.cl (put an @ there instead of that other thing). Also, I have a blog that you can read, and I have all my video games together in one place, if you wanna look. Or check out the rest of my website from the top. Thanks again.